Parks and Recreation Recap: Last Night

It’s not even 2012 yet, but society’s already got the end of the world on the brain: Harold Camping has built a cottage industry out of incorrectly predicting Armageddon, popular television show The Walking Dead scans more like a primer on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse than a credible drama featuring "characters" "doing or saying compelling things," and that new Rapture album is really good. In Pawnee, the remaining members of the Reasonablists cult — that name is kind of genius — who ran the town in the seventies predict every few years that their deity Zorp is coming to free humans from their physical bonds, and hold a vigil in the park to play flutes and wait for Zorp the Surveyor to come melt their faces to use for fuel with his volcano mouth. Hail Zorp!

While there are only a few scant believers preparing to meet their doom, others in the town use the prophesy as an opportunity to tend to some business. For aspiring city councilwoman Leslie Knope, it’s a chance for her parks department to show themselves as being conscientious of and sympathetic to even the community’s fringiest, most unstable citizens of voting age. For reporter Shawna Mulwae-Tweep, it’s a chance to hit on Ben. For Ron Swanson, it’s a windfall as he sells the Reasonablists hand-carved flutes and recorders at 80 bucks and 120 bucks a pop, respectively, payable by post-dated personal check. For Tom and Jean-Ralphio, it’s an excuse to take the $10,000 they have left after Entertainment 7Wenty’s spectacular implosion and throw the best party anyone’s ever seen, complete with money booth, live tigers, and drumline. For April and Andy, it’s a night to skip the usual routine of ordering pizza, playing Xbox, prank calling, and making out and instead indulge Andy’s bucket list, which includes making the greatest grilled-cheese sandwich ever, remaking Kazaam, and holding a thousand dollars cash in his hands. For Ann Perkins, something something. We’re in like Lara Flynn. Boyle. From The Practice. Read More...


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