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'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Ordinary People'

by Cassie Title

I am still processing. I am still processing. I need about 10 yoga classes and 46 deep, cleansing breaths to finish processing all of the insane information I have been waiting a full season to find out. And now, I’ve basically found it all out! My mind is in overload, I cannot handle it, Namaste.

Now of course, me being me, I still want to know more. Because knowing one thing is never enough! I must know all things! I must! I must! But let’s go over the main stuff first, and then we’ll get to my very small disappointments from last night's "Ordinary People."

1. I see Katherine in the "previously on the 'Vampire Diaries'" flashback. Maybe she’s still alive! Maybe she’ll be in this episode! WHERE IS SHE? I NEED TO KNOW THAT SHE’S STILL KICKIN’! (She doesn’t show up.) Thus, I repeat: WHERE IS SHE? I NEED TO KNOW THAT SHE’S STILL KICKIN’! Read More..


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