'Chuck': We have to talk about Morgan


In Ian Fleming's James Bond novel "Goldfinger," there's this line: "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action."It remains to be seen if what's going on with Morgan is, in fact, an enemy action, but by the end of Friday's (Nov. 4) "Chuck," it's become pretty clear that Mr. Grimes is not quite himself.Not recognizing Chuck's Indiana Jones reference, you could chalk up to him not paying full attention in the heat of the moment. Not caring about Trilogy Night? Odd, but he's obviously upset at the baby steps Chuck, Sarah and Casey are forcing him to take with the Intersect.But betraying his best friend AND not knowing who Luke Skywalker is? This is not the Morgan Grimes we know. "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit" felt like a more confident step in exploring the Morgan-as-Intersect story, even if where that step led is kind of disturbing. The introduction of Carrie-Anne Moss...



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