Supernatural Episode 7.07 "The Mentalists" Review: All's Well that Ends Well

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I can’t stop smiling after this week’s new episode of Supernatural. The truth is, I always like this show. The only thing that could ever really get me to stop watching is the permanent death of one of the brothers, which I don’t think will ever happen (and better not happen at the end of the series either). But tonight - and this season - I’m feeling something that I haven’t felt in a while: hope. Not only was tonight’s episode a fun one that brought me back to the early days of season 1, it contained what was probably the best, non-angsty Winchester conversation in the history of...well, ever.

The episode started off on a bit of a sad note, with Dean still alone after Sam left him about 10 days ago. After hot-wiring a car, Dean learned of a recent string of murders in Lily Dale, New York, so he hightailed it to town to investigate. As it turns out, two psychics had recently been killed, but Dean soon learned that both of them were basically fakes, out to make a quick buck.

Unsurprisingly, Dean ran into his wayward brother at the local cafe, as Sam had also arrived to investigate the murders. Sam made it clear from the beginning that he was still very angry with Dean, but he was willing to work the case with him. Read More...


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