Fringe Review: The Paradox of Peter Bishop

I take the titles of Fringe episodes seriously. It seems that everything done on the show is a clue or hint at what to expect down the line. I didn't know the meaning of "Novation", so I looked it up. The substitution of a new obligation for an old one. Walter feels his mistakes of the past have come back to haunt him and to test whether he will repeat them. Will he accept this man as his son, as he took Walternate's son in the past?

Those aren't your average shape shifters!

It turns out earlier theories that the technology for the new shape shifters came from Walternate were incorrect. It was a brilliant man in our universe (Malcolm Truss, played by Arye Gross) who created the formula that had people changing right before our eyes. He even did it for a good cause, to try to help burn victims and others who had lost skin repair their own.

The project was highly classified (aren't they all?) and cancelled due to the whim of William Bell and his concern that they were playing God. Some time after that Walternate must have gotten his grimy paws on it, because they've definitely been trying to perfect it ever since. Read More...


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