Nikita Review: Secret Loyalties

Up until this episode, "Clawback," the loyalties of Amanda and Sean, in particular have been in question. Amanda had said she wanted to clean up Division, but many of her decisions ran counter to that. Then there is this mysterious, Sean, who at times seems to be on board with Oversight and Division, but also has been supportive of Alex.

Sean has been a wild card since he joined Division. He's been a pal to Alex and tried to give her advice about how to handle her unique position with Division, Gogol and Nikita. But, his motivations were questionable. Was he there to make sure that Division was cleaned up after Percy's mistakes or to make sure Oversight got what they wanted? The question mark regarding Sean was erased in this episode.

It turns out that he is a loyal military man, who thought he was doing right by his country. When he found out that he was lied to about Ryan and that an innocent was being ordered killed by Oversight, he wanted to resigned. The senator tells him that she will call off the hit on Ryan. And then ... BAM! She is his mother! What? Read More...


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