Fringe 4.05 "Novation" Review


The tagline for last night’s episodewas "Witness the Return", and it was undeniably apropos. Not only did it mark the return of Josh Jackson’s Peter Bishop, but also the return of Michelle Krusiec’s human shapeshifter "Nadine", and of the always-awesome season 1 writer J.R. Orci. And what a return it was!

In true Fringe form, I still have more questions than I do answers, but I’m more than happy with the issues that were clarified with the airing of "Novation". One such clarification being that it seems as though Walter did still cross over initially with the intention of curing Peter on the Other Side, and not with the intention of kidnapping him. There was an exchange between Walter and Aaron in "Alone in the World" that suggested otherwise, and, while it certainly doesn’t excuse kidnapping a child, I always felt that Walter’s intentions in crossing over redeemed him somewhat. You can hardly blame a man for being unable to watch his son die twice.

I found it fascinating to see the relationship between Nina and Walter, and to get an explanation for why they are so radically different with each other.  I had been quite dismayed to see the animosity, particularly on Walter’s part, because I’ve always been intrigued by the dynamic between the two. Obviously they have a long and complicated history of which we’ve only scratched the surface, but the explanation we received tonight certainly clears things up. Walter’s hatred of Nina was something of a coping mechanism: as long as he had Nina to blame for breaking the vial and setting the events of the fateful night in motion, he didn’t need to shoulder as much of the blame himself. Before, Walter could at least console himself with the knowledge that he had saved the life of a version of his son; however, the subsequent drowning death of Peter in this new timeline offers no such solace. Read More...


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