Grimm 1.02 "Bears Will Be Bears" Review


After having watched the pilot for NBC's Grimm three times (once for pleasure, once to take notes from, and once on premiere night), I was curious how the show would go forward. It seemed to have a fairly good idea of the type of show that it wanted to be, but there were two very distinctive parts and tones that the show hadn't yet resolved with itself and I thought that it would take a while for it to sort everything out.

Now that we're two episodes in, I think the show is well on its way to defining itself at a pace quicker than I imagined it to be. "Bears Will Be Bears" wasn't a perfect episode of television and there are areas where the show could improve/expand upon, but from where I sit, they're relatively minor tweaks that could be applied fairly soon.

But let's start with the positives, as "Bears" provided us with a lot of information on a new brand of creature for the Grimms to fight. Using a home invasion case as a template, Grimm introduced us to the jagerbars, a species that, upon turning 18-years-old, has a right-of-passage ceremony (a roh-hatz) that involves a hunt and two very scared individuals. I do hope that eventually we'll see some of the different classes of creatures that the show is bringing up interacting with one another or maybe making a return appearance, just because it'd make all the talk of rituals, customs, and physicality that much more important, but for now, I thought the jagerbar case was an interesting twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The show did a better job at taking the case-of-the-week a little more seriously, which was one of the criticisms I had about the pilot; there wasn't any cheeky, wink-wink-nudge-nudge dialogue and the show was stronger for it, as it made Monroe's quirkiness stand out that much more and allowed the stakes of the case to feel that much higher. Grimm is, by nature, a very out-there show and it doesn't need dialogue that points out how out-there it is. Read More...


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