'Grimm' recap: Bad News Bears

Gather 'round, Grimm fans, for the age-old story of the Bear Bar Mitzvah, that special time in a young cub's life when he lures a hot blonde girl into the woods, feeds on her carcass, and becomes... a Grizzly Man?

Mama bear must be proud.

This week's episode, "Bears Will Be Bears," was a clever twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears that explored the tension between cultural values and family values. Nick's forced to answer the question: What happens when one is at odds with the other?

Beginning with an epigraph from the fairy tale -- "She looked in the window and then peeped through then keyhole / Seeing nobody in the house lifted the latch" -- the opening scene found Gilda (gilded, like Goldilocks, get it?) and her boyfriend Rocky breaking into a beautiful woodland cabin, checking out the collection of Fijian war claws inside, guzzling all the wine, and finally making out on the bed. (Too scary, too tipsy, just right!) When a truck comes up the driveway with a dead deer tied to the grill (uh oh), Gilda escapes before Rocky can. He quickly disappears. We hear his screams from the bedroom and later find claw marks on the woodwork. Either Rocky's been claimed by some evil beast, or Gilda and Rocky had one wild night. Read More...



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