'Fringe' recap: The U.F.O.

Fringe returned from a longer-than-planned fall sabbatical last night (thanks to an epic, enjoyable Word Series), and so did Peter Bishop, fully restored to the show’s storytelling following four episodes stranded in the cold margins of reality. It was the same Peter Bishop that we’ve come to know and love during the first three seasons of Fringe -- a Peter Bishop who still contained those three seasons of adventures in his head. As such, the prodigal found himself dazed and confused by the reboot history of season 4, populated by new versions of friends and family, loved ones and enemies that are strangers to him, and vise versa, because in this new construction of reality, Peter died when he was a child. "Novation" framed Peter in a provocative way: by labeling him a "paradox" that never should have existed in the version of Fringe we know best (seasons 1-3). Does that mean that the reboot represents "proper" history? Or might this iteration of history be flawed, too? Has Fringe given us "the best of all possible worlds" -- or is that world still to come? Read More...



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