Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Will John Doe & Mary Margaret Get Together?

once upon a time abc

Another show may have dragged out John Doe’s coma for a long time, but Once Upon a Time woke him up this week in episode 3. But fans who were expecting an immediate bond between John Doe and Mary Margaret in Storybrooke - while we learned of Snow and Charming’s first meeting - are probably feeling a bit frustrated by the appearance of a woman claiming to be John Doe’s wife.  This woman also claims that Doe's real name is David.


When we visited the Vancouver set of Once Upon a Time last month, we had the opportunity to speak with stars John Dallas and Gennifer Goodwin about what’s in store for David and Mary Margaret. Fans who suspect something smells rotten about the magical appearance of David’s "wife" should heed Dallas’ warning: the entire situation could be false. Dallas explained that we will definitely be learning more about David now that he’s awake, but his real story has yet to be fully discovered. And now that he’s awoken, he will be lost and confused and his main goal is trying to figure out where he really belongs, especially with people claiming to be his family members who may or may not be telling the whole truth. Read More...



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