One Piece Season 1 Episode 11: The War at the Shore Recap

Zoro and Nami arrive at the coast to find that Luffy is lying on the ground, seemingly dead. Usopp, in the meantime, runs to Kaya's mansion about Kurahadol and Jango's plan to assassinate her, but she does not believe him. Luffy, Zoro, and Nami then declare to Usopp that they will help him fend off the pirates that are coming to attack the village.

The episode opens with Zoro, Nami, and the Usopp Pirates still waiting around for Luffy and Usopp. The Usopp Pirates mention how Usopp always goes to the coast. They then spot Usopp running up to them, but he doesn't respond to their questions and runs right past them.

Usopp runs into the village, and starts yelling to everyone that pirates are coming and that they have to abandon their homes. The townspeople, however, are furious when they come out, refusing to believe Usopp because he lies so often. Usopp realizes that what Kuro said was true, so he runs off to Kaya's house.

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