HELL ON WHEELS “Pilot” Review

HELL ON WHEELS "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – "What is drama without a villain? What is the building of this grand road if not a drama?" There has been some pretty amazing television showsrecently exploring a ton of different worlds, from ancient Rome to Italian gangsters to the last remnants of the human race travelling through space in search of a new home, television has offered up a bunch of interesting characters trapped in an interesting situation. Hell On Wheels certainly has the story down, because if there’s one area television and film has been lacking it’s the Civil War/Reconstruction era period. Sure, there’s a ton of Westerns set around that time, but very few of them deals with "freed" slaves and Indians and the frontier in the same way Hell On Wheels is attempting to.

I’m excited about Hell On Wheels. I hope it will either improve over this season, or perhaps get renewed and work out its kinks in the second season. It seems like the sort of show which needs a few episodes for the writers/cast/crew/directors to figure out the tone of the show. Because with this type of show, tone counts for a lot and tone is something the show has not quite grasped. Read More...



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