DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 8? Review

DOWNTON ABBEY Season 2 Episode 8 – Well, at long last Lavinia did the only decent thing and succumbed to death. Otherwise we might have had a potentially interesting and complex moral quandary. Yes, the Spanish flu came into town to threaten a few characters: Carson, Cora, Mosely and Lavinia all get the flu, but only Lavinia got put into a grave despite the fact that Cora was bleeding rivers from her head. Let’s face it: it was the most convenient thing to do.

Well, this season of Downton ends on a ridiculous note. It’s hard to feel sorry for Lavinia when Matthew was downstairs shifting Mary on the dancefloor, so obviously uninterested in his dying wife. It’s hard to feel sorry for Cora when Lord Grantham himself is pulling maids into his bedroom for the shift. And of course it’s impossible to feel anything for Sybil and Branson (unfortunately) since they were both given the worst romantic subplot I’ve seen on a tv show in quite some time. Read More...


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