THE GOOD WIFE “Executive Order #13224? Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Executive Order #13224? Season 3 Episode 7 – When The Good Wife works best, it’s one of the best shows on television. This episode was unquestionably the best episode the show has offered so far this season as Lockhart & Gardner deal with a man fresh from the War on Terror, a translator and American citizen who was tortured by Americans for information regarding al Qaeda insiders. When The Good Wife gets political it often turns into the sludge of its worst episodes: Hugo Chavez prancing about the screen or trying to purport that the media give Israel an unfair portrayal when it comes to their relationship with Palestine.

This episode was not about politics and the one argument that did feature a major political point felt painfully dated (that was when Will confronted Diane and demanded to know whether people were being tortured under the Obama administration). This episode worked because it was about the law and power and the ways people try to use the law to give them a leg up in the power scale. Read More...


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