HOMELAND “The Good Soldier” Review

HOMELAND "The Good Soldier" Season 1 Episode 6 – It’s become tiresome to say that Homeland is the best show on television right now, and yet I watch this episode and I’m both amazed at what the writers and directors and editors and actors and everyone else who works on this show have accomplished, whilst still harbouring a feeling of dread that next week the show will drop the ball, that next week something so ridiculous it’s unforgiveable will happen. Because it is definitely the kind of show that has a ticking clock. This is not a show that, six years from now, I’ll be sitting down to watch. This is a show with three or four seasons tops, and if the network insists on churning out further series, they’ll probably be ridiculous and unwatchable.

But what it’s giving us right now is fantastic. Of course Brody and Carrie were going to hook up. But who knew they’d hook up episode six, only three scenes after they’ve met. But the show doesn’t want to drag out a plot point with bullshit, so it just gets to it. So far, it’s only the point of view of the "terrorist" angle that’s been dragged out. Read More...



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