HART OF DIXIE “The Undead & The Unsaid” Review

HART OF DIXIE "The Undead & The Unsaid" Episode 6 – Zoe is being haunted! At least that’s what it seems like in this spooky edition of HART OF DIXIE. A week after Halloween, The CW decided to stick with the horror theme and add a ghost into Bluebell. On her way back home after delivering a baby, Zoe has a little accident. She ends up hitting a man who, in her defense, seemed to step straight out of the fog and into the street. It turns out that the man Zoe hit actually died the previous year, and everyone in Bluebell now thinks Zoe is suffering from lack of sleep, and that she’s an incompetent doctor.

She does end up redeeming herself a bit by helping out Magnolia, Lemon’s younger sister. Magnolia seems to be having some issues with her sister getting married and is having a "poor me" pity party by drinking herself nearly to death. I found Magnolia and Lemon’s story to be the best part of Hart of Dixie. I don’t think we even knew that Lemon had a sister, so to be introduced to her and to have the writers show that Lemon basically raised her was interesting to me. Read More...



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