TERRA NOVA “Nightfall” Review

TERRA NOVA "Nightfall" Season 1 Episode 7 – Terra Nova started it’s new installment this week with a goofy little family scene that set off all of our characters on their story lines for this episode. "Nightfall" tried really hard to convince us again that this is a show centered around a family, but I’m really having a hard time caring about any of these little family interactions. Jim and Zoe were off to see "The Eye", which was sort of a Holodeck rip-off that showed images from humanity’s history. Josh and Elisabeth were off to their respective jobs, and Maddy was going on a secret rendezvous with the hunky soldier dude Mark.

Interrupting all of these little side stories, however, is a giant meteor crashing through the atmosphere and sending out an EMP blast that knocks out all of the electricity at Terra Nova. Even though the whole scene of the meteor hitting was cool, and the subsequent sonic blast was an exciting sequence, it does rain one large question for me. How do they justify this whole Terra Nova experiment? Between the renegade Sixers crew terrorizing the inhabitants, thousands of deadly dinosaurs all over the surrounding jungle, pterosaur attacks, murderers using dinosaurs as weapons, and meteors crashing down sending out sonic blasts, how are they still sending people in these expeditions? It’s obviously incredibly unsafe. I’d rather take my chances in 2149, thanks. Read More...



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