GOSSIP GIRL “I Am Number Nine” Review

GOSSIP GIRL "I Am Number Nine" Season Five Episode 6 – Can we even imagine an Upper East Side without the omniscient, disembodied voice of Gossip Girl? Well, the invisible blog queen had better hold on to her keyboard because in "I Am Number Nine," Diana uses the launch of her new media empire to manipulate Serena into taking her down.

Poor Serena can’t seem to find a career that fits. When she completely botches the development deal for Dan’s book in order to keep his character from being Zuckerberged, she loses her posh Hollywood gig. Quite frankly, I am just fine with that. Making a movie out of Dan’s book might have been just as boring as him actually writing it. I much prefer Serena’s new job, writing a blog for Diana’s spectator that will, in theory, put Gossip Girl out of a job.

I don’t blame Serena for wanting to take down the faceless entity who has posted every single one of Serena’s worst moments on the internet, but why isn’t she smart enough to see that Diana is just using her. She knew to use Diana to kill the movie (which pretty much ended Dan’s brush with literar Read More...



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