'The Walking Dead' - 'Cherokee Rose': Throw the zombie down the well

A review of tonight's "The Walking Dead" coming up just as soon as I bet on the snowball... 

"If somebody's gonna die, better hope that you're the one who's making that decision." -Shane
With Carl's condition improving after the surgery, with the group slowly accepting that they're not going to find Sophia, even as they insist on looking, and with Hershel's farm a seeming haven from the zombies (save for the occasional stray who gets into the well water), "Cherokee Rose" was the most leisurely hour of season 2 so far. There was no big overarching story this week, but rather a series of vignettes about different characters and how they're adjusting to their current circumstances. 

So this was not an hour likely to appease those of you who feel season 2 is lacking any sense of urgency or larger story arc. But it at least offered some baby steps in terms of the character development I was asking the supporting players to get last week. Read More...



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