Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Move Goat'

The producers of "The Amazing Race" definitely can't sue Zac & Laurence for being stupid, but they can certainly resent the Father/Son Adventurers for possibly screwing up the intended structure of the show's latest leg. 
Oh well. It wasn't a big deal. I don't think that Laurence & Zac's dumbness had any impact at all on the results of the leg, but they definitely contributed to an anti-climactic conclusion to what was otherwise a decent episode of television.
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Coming off of last week's third Non-Elimination Leg of the season, Sunday's (November 6) episode was structured so that the Double U-Turn at the end of the leg would force two teams to do a Detour in which one of the options had the potential to be crushingly difficult for most of the available teams. Instead, the Double U-Turn was reduced to being a non-factor, a real waste of a game-changing element.
No matter how you slice it, I'm pretty sure that Justin & Jennifer were doomed, which is a small pity. I grew not to mind the formerly bickering siblings and this wasn't the way you want any team to go out on "The Amazing Race."

The episode began with a travel equalizer as the teams were required to take a two-hour bus ride to a town on the banks of Lake Malawi. Generally, you know that I hate equalizers, but I don't get annoyed by equalizers when the teams are all within 40 minutes to start the leg. [On one hand, it's amazing that Marcus & Amani were that close to first given the trouble they had on the last leg. On the other hand, it didn't seem like they were nearly as close to Bill & Cathi as the editing of last week's episode made it seem.] Read More...


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