Desperate Housewives 8.07 "Always In Control" Recap


A lot has been going on between our ladies on Wisteria Lane, so if you need to catch up, check out my recap. As the girls drive back from the woods, they freak out over who might have dug up the body. Gabrielle worries about going to jail, while Bree says they shouldn’t be worried - the police can't be involved because there would have been crime scene tape. She then proposes that Susan must have done the deed because she’s been so crazed with guilt lately. Gabrielle agrees, and though Lynette dubious of Bree’s assumption, the two agree to help find out more information.

Speaking of Susan, it’s portfolio review time in Zeller’s class and he’s already peeked into what Susan has to offer – which is nothing good. He again publicly humiliates her and Susan gets upset saying that’s not how you motivate people. Zeller argues that she hasn’t progressed since she started the class. Read More...


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