Naruto Shippuden Season 2 Episode 66 Revived Souls Episode Recap

Konoha's ninjas fought off the revived zombie members of the Kohaku clan. The four Guardian Ninjas, Seito, Tou, Nauma and Kitane, were also revived. Asuma realized that they were planning to use Limelight, a jutsu in which the four would create a lightning blast powerful enough to destroy Konoha. Asuma sent Sakura and Yamato after the other three while he remained behind to battle Kitane, but Fuen tackled Sakura and Fudo began to fight Yamato. Meanwhile, Naruto caught up with Sora, but Sora ran off in search of Furido. Naruto tried to pursue him, but was assailed by Fuka. Soon after, Sora reached Furido, who admitted that he had planned to destroy Konoha all along.

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