Boardwalk Empire Review: Oh Peggy!

We are more than halfway through the season and Boardwalk Empire has given us a number of excellent twists and turns; however, "Peg of Old" was a lot less exciting than most of this season's episodes. Although there were some surprising and entertaining moments, for the most part, this evening's episode worked more to set up the coming events of the final half of the second season, moving us towards a bloodier gangster war.

Power can be a difficult burden, and this week's episode showed us just how heavy that burden is for Jimmy. Over time, we've watched Jimmy deal with the strains of his position and the repercussions of his decision to side with his genetic father over his symbolic one. His "rebellion" against Nucky was supposed to be a bloodless one, but as Gillian pointed out, they were probably just lying to themselves if they thought it would never get physical. Read More...


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