Steven Yeun: 'The Walking Dead' aims for my groin


Life on the set of "The Walking Dead" isn't exactly glamorous -- after all, the cast and crew spend grueling hours in the Georgia heat and humidity surrounded by extras dressed like rotting corpses. "It seems like 'The Walking Dead' just kind of aims for my groin," Steven Yeun, who spent the latest episode dangling inches above a water-bloated zombie in a well, tells plays Glenn, one of a handful of survivors of a zombie-pocalypse and pretty much the go-to guy for tight spots and jobs no one else wants. Jobs like hooking a zombie with a massive fish-hook. But life isn't all close calls and rotting flesh for Glenn (and Yeun). The actor -- who cut his teethe doing improv with Chicago's revered Second City -- talked to Zap2it about the second season of AMC's hit zombie drama, his on-TV romance with Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and the unique on-the-job hazards he faces each...


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