'Once Upon a Time' recap: The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, And Deep

They really do have miles to go before they sleep at this point. Dark and twisted miles, down that dank and nasty Troll Road. This week's Once Upon A Time continued down its fortunate path of of getting better each week, giving us a healthy mix of mythology (badass Snow White!) and plot-of-the-week fun. Ginnifer Goodwin stood out as both the weepy-but-determined Mary Margaret and the headstrong Snow White, and I like the new roommate combination of Mary Margaret and Emma. Both women are fiercely loving but ultimately lost, and their riddled-with-secrets relationship is the one I'm most interested in at this point. Henry,former son of Don Draper, is undoubtedly cute, but his unwavering optimism is best in smaller doses. Also, the Fairytale identity of Sheriff Graham, the British apparently Irish hipster Sheriff was revealed. Well, it was strongly hinted at.

As we all turned back our clocks to make room for more sunlight, Time turned back its clock to give us a peek at the strange courtship of Charming and Snow. It began in the woods of Fairytale, where Charming was struggling to entertain his prissy, dour fiancee during a particularly unpleasant carriage road trip. "I told you the Troll Road would have been quicker," she whined. What's wrong with taking the scenic route, lady? Before we had time to question what Charming was doing with the half-wit blondie, a tree fell, blocking their path. Blondie didn't like the looks of this. Charming went out to investigate -- nothing. But then, all of a sudden, there was Snow, decked out to the nines in her best Robin Hood attire. She swept in and stole a pouch, (while Blondie sat in terror, completely useless) and even managed to deck Charming before galloping off into the sunset with the president's rubies safely in tow. "Wherever you are, I will find you!" Charming shouted after her. She looked back at him with a sweet knowing smile that could only mean, "You better!" Read More...



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