His and Her Circumstances Complete Series Review

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Based on the manga by Masami Tsuda, His and Her Circumstances (originally known as Kare Kano), is a twenty-six episode series. The series was unfortunately one of those who was made during the midst of the manga run with it covering about seven out of the twenty-one volumes made. For a lot of people, this makes the show very problematic, but it shouldn't discourage most from checking it out. Though it's been some five years or so since I last saw it, when Right Stuf released it for the first time in single form, this is a series that has a lot of staying power to it because of what it does, how it does it and the honesty of the emotions portrayed within it.

His and Her Circumstances is a romantic comedy and drama series that takes place in a faraway world known as 1999. The show makes regular references to the time period, the turn of the century, with the way the world is dealing with it. But those references, repeated far too often, have little to do with the show itself. The focus is on a group of characters that are built up when two people come together. Initially it looks to be a very strong piece about the two lead characters, Yukino and Souichiro, but it really turns itself into a very strong ensemble piece with them as its center. The manga plays much the same way, though the focus is greater on Yukino and Souichiro but everyone gets a good run during it as their back stories are explored. Those stories are tapped into here as well, but when they dominate more in the second half, it feels weaker because the first half was so strong with the other two.

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