Dexter Recap: Night of a Thousand Awkward Moments

Hallelujah! With all the talk of freewill last night, it was beginning to look like Dexter might keep his pacifist streak going. One criticism of this season is that there’s been too much praying and not enough preying — as Dexter himself suggests at Brother Sam’s vigil. While seeing Dexter get some blood on his hands was almost as big a relief for us as it was for him, the episode still felt like a detour. In the opening scene, he’s hot on the trail of Travis and the Prof, until news of the Bro’s shooting derails him. Debra and Miami Metro don’t make much headway in the Doomsday Killer case. Brother Sam is off to the great auto body shop in the sky. We don’t even get a new tableau. If not for Dexter getting his murderous mojo back, all we’d have are questions for next week and the candlelight shrines we’ve built in memory of Brother Sam. Really thought he’d have a miracle up his sleeve. Mos, your time with us was far too short.

The cringe-worthy moments in this episode were legion: Deb gets the cold shoulder when she tries to talk shop with Angel and Masuka; Dex has an uneasy convo with Jaime at his apartment; Quinn shows up at Deb’s party drunk with a blonde he picked up at the bar; said blonde dumps his ass when she realizes Deb is his ex; Quinn hits on Angel’s sister; Angel scores a one-punch KO on his partner; Deb is speechless when Quinn asks if she ever really loved him. Oh, and Quinn’s former girlfriend, who’s also his boss, orders him to interrogate the lead witness in the Doomsday Killer case, whom he also just recently had sex with. As gross and unlikable as Quinn has become, last night would have been a snooze without him. He even inspires a moment of genuine pathos when Deb’s silence crushes him. All of Quinn’s bad behavior — the vacant doggie-style sex with random women, joint smoking on the job, and overall assholitude — is what happens when a cad gets his sleazy heart broken. One thing is for sure, Jaime Bautista will not be his rebound girlfriend, unless she appreciated his pickup line ("I want to have a relationship with that ass") more than her brother did. Read More...


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