Pan Am Recap: Boy Problems

I am going to confess something I never thought I’d have to say to you: A little tiny spot in my heart opened for a previously unlovable character on Pan Am this week, and her name is Laura. She had the honors of being this week’s Character Development lead, and boy did it do wonders for the formerly dull and dim stewardess. Okay, fine, she’s still a little dim. I wouldn’t promote her to pilot just yet or anything. Or purser, for that matter.

The episode starts in the midst of a rager in Maggie’s apartment, where everybody’s dancing in that adorable limb-flinging sixties way and talking about Maggie’s tryst with Michael and his "amazing credentials." (Guys, I think they mean something about his penis!) Laura is fending off the advances of Joe (Gaius Charles), for reasons I’m sure we’ll come to understand through several slightly confusing flashbacks to the stewardesses’ flight home from Madrid. Read More...


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