The Simpsons Review: RIP Mrs. Glick

After last week delivered such a mediocre Treehouse of Horror, The Simpsons returned for its first regular episode after the FOX scheduling nightmare that is baseball.

It's tough to be too critical of the Jane Lynch-led "Replaceable You," after Treehouse set the bar so low for season 23's return.

First was the return of the underutilized Martin Prince, as Bart and the school's nerd teamed up to win the science fair.

Martin's reward? Aside from being taken down from the tree? A weirdly bisexual fantasy of being picked first for basketball. Anyone find that funny or more creepy for the fourth grader?

That's when the plotline went a little too out there, even for Simpsons standards, when their science project, an adorable seal, became part of a plot of funeral industry leaders to kill off nursing home residents. Yeah, you can't make that stuff up. Read More....


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