How To Make It In America Review: I'm On A Boat!

The title of this week's episode "I'm Sorry, Who's Yosi?" had me asking the same question, but as we soon learned he is the man who is either going to take CRISP to the next level or be the end of it. While I could hardly blame Ben for falling victim to Nancy's allure I wonder how he will feel when it ends up possible costing him his relationship with Cam.

Despite letting the wrong head make his decisions, Ben delivered one of his best scenes as he looked out on the New York skyline and told Nancy how it used to mock him. He and Cam do have a shot at the dream if they play the game. I really hope they do for Cam's sake. He is such a loveable character but possesses enough swagger to get a girl like Lulu. I thought the exchange they had about her taking money from her father was fantastic. At first i thought she was going to take offense to his assumption, but lucky for our young designer, she cracked a smile and the two soon after, worked on their "non-business" relationship. Read More...


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