The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Elena Still Doesn't Trust Rebekah in Episode 3.09

the vampire diaries

I thought that last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was one of its best episodes to date, and considering it ended up being one of the show's highest rated episodes, I think a lot of people agreed with me.  We got a fascinating peek at the history of the Original Family and learned many tidbits, including the fact that Rebekah and Klaus' mother was the Original Witch and had created the first vampires, and that werewolves had settled in Mystic Falls a very long time ago.

At the end of last week's episode, Original Daddy Mikael tracked down the Salvatore brothers and offered to kill Klaus.  The only catch is that he's currently out of town.  Fortunately, Stefan has a solution: he can draw Klaus back to Mystic Falls.  Unfortunately, he calls him back just in time for Klaus to crash the high school's Homecoming dance.

Meanwhile, Elena is still very doubtful that this plan will actually succeed.  They my have temporarily gotten Rebekah on their side when she learned that it was actually Klaus who killed their mother, Esther, but Elena doesn't fully trust her.  Damon assures her he has a back-up plan and Stefan laments about having to attend the lame school dance.  But, as he rightly points out, Elena does get into a lot of trouble during school events, so it's probably better that he attend to protect her.

Watch a sneak peek for the November 10 episode of The Vampire Diaries below, which also serves as the mid-season finale.  New episodes will resume on Thursday, January 5.  You can also watch a trailer and browse photos for this episode.


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