The Walking Dead 2.04 "Cherokee Rose" Review

the walking dead

It was the first episode of The Walking Dead to ever feature just one zombie. "Cherokee Rose" proved to be a chance of pace after the rush of the last few weeks, though not without its share of contrivances. I'm talking, specifically, about the Well Incident.

The Well Incident the only part of the episode to feature a zombie, and it was a memorable one at that. The waterlogged zombie reminded me of a much grosser version of Doctor Who's worst monster ever, and it certainly is one of the most memorable zombies the show has served up to us yet. It's just too bad that it was the subject of a pretty abysmal tangental plot that eventually when nowhere. After all, was there really any logic in sending Glenn to his possible death just to pull a zombie from a well that was probably already contaminated? More than anything else in the series thus far, that entire segment of the episode felt really contrived -- though it did provide the episode's required gross-out moment when the zombie's lower half exploded back into the well. Read More...


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