Glee Sneak Peeks: The Warblers Return (and Sing!) in "The First Time"

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This week's episode of Glee features two fan favorite couples - Rachel & Finn and Kurt & Blaine - having sex for the first time.  Set against the backdrop of West Side Story, the episode is a study of young relationships and love.

Opening night for the school play is rapidly approaching and Artie asks Rachel and Kurt how they can play characters like Tony and Maria - young adults who go through a sexual awakening in the play - if they're virgins themselves.  This leads to discussions with their respective partners about whether it's the right time for them to have sex.  Finn seems firmly on board, but is very sweet about it, while Kurt seems a bit more hesitant.

Meanwhile, Blaine returns to Dalton Academy to invite his former Warbler buddies to the opening of West Side Story.  While there he meets one of the newest members of the group: Sebastian.  Sebastian is a giant flirt who is clearly interested in Blaine, which obviously leads to Kurt being very jealous.

Below are two sneak peeks for the November 8 episode of Glee, featuring the Warblers' terrific rendition of "Uptown Girls", and a meeting between Blaine and Sebastian.  Fox has also put together an episode preview.  You can also watch a trailer and browse through episode photos here.


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