Fringe 4.06 Promo: Bishop Is Back in "And Those We Left Behind"


You're going to love the next episode of Fringe. Titled "And Those We've Left Behind," the episode is undoubtedly the best of the season so far -- even better than last week's "Novation," which was pretty darn great as well. The episode will guest star Stephen Root (Justified, Office Space), and will deal with the time loop that we got a glimpse at in "Novation."

FOX has shelled out another great promo for the episode, courtesy of advertising special ops Ari Margolis, who's been responsible for pretty much every great Fringe ad in the past few years (and there have been quite a few). The promo's a fast-cut look at the episode, focusing on the scenes featuring Peter. Is he really lounging in a park with Olivia? What's that weird vest thing he's wearing? And what does Olivia mean when she says Peter's the "problem?" You'll just have to tune in on Friday night to find out.

Fringe will air the episode "And Those We've Left Behind" on Friday, November 11 at 9/8c on FOX. Check out the promo for the episode below.


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