Gossip Girl Photos & Promo: The Show Goes Theatrical in Episode 5.07

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In this week's episode of Gossip Girl, the triangle between Louis, Blair and Chuck heated up, but this time it was instigated by Prince Louis.  He had found Blair's paternity test, but we now know it 100% confirms that he is the baby's father.  However, the fact that Blair wasn't sure about the father drove Louis to bribe Chuck's therapist to drive him into a rage.  Chuck discovered that Louis and the therapist were in cahoots and refused to crack, but he did expose the two of them at Diana's Spectator launch party. In the end, Blair was angry about Louis' actions and told him he needs to stop behaving like Chuck, although she declared there is no chance for a reconciliation between Chuck and Blair.

Meanwhile, Jane tricked both Serena and Dan into removing Dan as the screenwriter for the movie adaptation of his book.  But when Serena discovered that Jane had plans to make major changes to the story, Serena asked Diana to kill the movie. When Jane fired Serena, Diana jumped in and hired her to be the new "Gossip Girl" for the Spectator.

Nate also learned that Diana has another man on the side and doesn't want to expose their relationship.  He used Charlie to try and make Diana jealous, but Diana just exposed that both Nate and Charlie were using each other.

In the November 14 episode of Gossip Girl, the cast heads to a performing of Punchdrunk's theater experience called "Sleep No More".  Inside the theater the characters indulge in masks and some romantic twists.  Diana continues to use Serena to take down Gossip Girl and Dan heads out on his book tour, but it may not be everything he thought it would be.

Watch a trailer below for the November 14 episode of Gossip Girl.  Use the arrows above to browse through photos for the episode. 



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