DEATH VALLEY “Assault on Precinct UTF” Review

DEATH VALLEY "Assault on Precinct UTF" Season 1 Episode 10 – I suppose it’s inevitable that if you watch a show long enough, you sort of can’t help getting invested in the main characters. So I actually found myself somewhat anxious while watching this week’s Death Valley, "Assault on Precinct UTF." I just had this weird feeling that someone was going to bite the big one.

In order to free Rico, the Edward Cullen wanna-be that UTF has in their custody, his uber-vamp father releases a zombie into a van full of prisoners being transferred to the UTF for holding. By the time they arrive at the station, all hell is set to break loose.

There’s another zombie with a bomb, but it appears to be a dud. Meanwhile, all of the station’s ammo has disappeared and Dashell tries to pin it on Kirsten, who’s already in hot water over her involvement with the Rico. All the officers have is what’s in their guns, combined with their wits.

This makes for a zombie smackdown, especially after Carla promises John-John that they will get a motel room if they live through the assault. Rejuvenated by thought of fulfilling both Carla’s wish to be a mom and his wish to make her a mom, John-John immediately turns into a virtual zombie killing machine. Read More...


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