One Piece Season 1 Episode 13: Good Pirates vs. Bad Pirates Recap

The Straw Hat Pirates manage to take out most of the opposing Black Cat Pirates, so Jango orders the Nyaban Brothers, Sham and Buchi, to attack. Meanwhile, after getting hypnotized by Jango, Luffy gets himself stuck under the collapsed mast of the Black Cat Pirates' ship, the Bezan Black.

The episode starts with a recap of the previous episode and opens with Onion who runs to warn his friends about Kuro's suspicious manner. Back on the north slope, after defeating all of the Black Cat Pirates minus Jango, Luffy and Zoro argues with Nami and Usopp who blame them for their lateness. Determineed not to fail Kuro's plan, Jango decide to hypnotize the pirate crew into thinking they're stronger than the Straw Hat Pirates. Once hypnotized, the crew becomes so enraged and so stronger, one of them manage to break a cliff of the north slope with only his left arm. They're heading straight to Syrup Village.

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