RINGER “Maybe We Should Get A Dog Instead” Review

RINGER "Maybe We Should Get A Dog Instead" Episode 8 – I gotta say, I was pretty nervous for Bridget during RINGER last week. I can’t imagine that laying in a hospital bed waiting for the first ultrasound of your unborn baby (with your husband standing by) when you’re actually NOT pregnant is an easy thing to do. Add that her husband is all excited about the new kid, and that, my Ringerfriends, is a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully for Bridget, the doctor is completely okay with just laying it out there that she had somehow miscarried the baby. Seriously, was it just me or did that doctor have the worst bedside manner EVER? Since Bridget’s non-pregnancy was one of the main points that I had an issue with on Ringersince its beginning, I have to say that I am sort of happy that story line is over. Now Bridget can concentrate on keeping her fake marriage to her twin sister’s husband alive and well… what is this show?! Read More...



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