GLEE “The First Time” Review

GLEE "The First Time" Season 3 Episode 5 – After all of the hype leading up to this week’s episode ofGlee, "The First Time," I was expecting thrashing bodies and rumpled sheets when two couples (but only three virgins) experienced their spring awakening. (See what I did there? Lea Michele Broadway ref for the win!) What I got was 20 minutes of West Side Story, 15 minutes of Artie being creepy and five minutes of sweetness that somehow made it all worthwhile.

All right, so math isn’t my strong suit. Basically, while there were things I really liked this week, most of the episode, like the part where Kurt had a conversation with Karofsky in a gay bar, just didn’t work for me.

I continue to love Blaine and Kurt and wish that they could be the fabulous gay couple living next to door to me. In my opinion, their first time together rang so much more true than Rachel and Finn’s. But neither coupling was anywhere near as scary as the Parent’s Television Council wanted America to believe. Read More...


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