NCIS “Engaged Part 1? Review

NCIS "Engaged Part 1? Season 9 Episode 8 – In this episode a plane carrying deceased marines crashes before it can bring them home to rest. Gibbs’ team is put on the case to make sure that there isn’t any criminal activity and end up discovering that one of the caskets was empty and soon they are on the hunt for a woman who may or may not still be alive.

The case stirs up a lot of emotions for various members on the team. Gibbs is remembering things from his past, not only Shannon but another woman he knew in the corps. I’m not quite sure how she fits into all this yet, but I’m sure all will be revealed next week. Tony is reacting to the case by seeing his own mortality loud and clear and decides to make up a bucket list. Meanwhile, everyone else on the team is working hard to get to the bottom of what really happened, showing us the tenacity that we’ve seen from them ever since the pilot. Read More...


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