'Terra Nova' recap: Parasite Lost

Welcome back! If you're reading this Terra Novarecap, I assume you've already Googled "intestinal parasite symptoms" and concluded you're not a human host to a 30-foot monster that needs to be sloooowly reeled out of you.

There's a lot of fun ground to cover this week: A meteor explosion, a Sixers invasion, the biggest dino ever, a teen make out, a claustrophobic library trip, and the introduction of Taylor's extraordinarily bitter son.

Like all great mythic tales, Episode 7, "Nightfall," starts with a lost pair of shoes. It's a typical morning for the Shannons scrambling to get ready for the prehistoric rat race, with Josh misplacing his footwear. Don't worry, things quickly get interesting.

Med lab: Skye helps her wounded friend Hunter into the infirmary. Seems he's been drinking some exotic local hooch. You know how some mezcal bottles used to have a worm inside? This is like that, except poor Hunter caught an intestinal parasite that's quickly grown to a scary length. (Factoid: The original worm in the mezcal bottle was a marketing gimmick, and, in recent years, a liquor company did the same stunt with a scorpion in each bottle -- that either was ever popular is pretty surprising; if you put, like, dead mice in Life cereal boxes, shoppers would lose their minds). Read More...



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