House Review: Chase and the Taubettes

In sticking with the title of this week's episode, "The Confession," I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.  If this is what David Shore meant by "getting back to basics," this episode feels much more like an arrival of that idea than any of the last four.  Chase and Taub coming back filled the Thirteen and Cuddy shaped gaps nicely , and even though I'm still not a Dr. Adams fan, I liked the dynamics between her and Chase for a couple of reasons, including both of their experiences with their spouses reflecting the patient's and especially Chase's relationship with the idea of confession.

This week's patient is the perfect guy on paper except, of course, for the cheating, but it's a first time offense, so we should let it go, right?  But what if the patient has even more to confess?  What if he's a complete and utter liar?  "Everybody lies" is the House anthem, and this week it's Taub preaching to a younger Housian scholar instead of House reminding his team of his favorite mantra.  Read More....


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