'Two and a Half Men' recap: Becoming Charlie

Sing it with me, folks: "Mennnnnnnn." Because if tonight's episode taught me anything it's that life's most pressing problems, whether they lead to a complete Charlie Sheen-related mental breakdown or a particularly crappy installment of Two and a Half Men, all start with a jingle. Take, for instance, Alan's meltdown -- all was going perfectly well for our favorite "parasitic leach" until Walden started bopping along to Charlie's Maple Loops song. And it all went downhill from there.

To Walden these Maple Loops were simply a fun and viable breakfast option, but to Alan they were something much, much deeper. For months he had been avoiding the unpleasant task of dealing with Charlie's death, and hearing his brother's old tune sent him right over the ledge. By lunch he was playing the sad Cat Power version on the piano. "One time I walked in and he was having sex on top of it," he reminisced. "You can see where the young lady's ass-print didn't quite wax out." Read More...



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