Castle 4.08 "Heartbreak Hotel" Review


Well, it had to happen eventually, right? Things just seemed entirely too good to be true and we all knew that sooner or later we would get a filler episode. And that's exactly what last night's "Heartbreak Hotel" was. For the first time this season, I found myself completely uninterested in a Castle episode and I just wanted it to end. It wasn't bad, per se, really. It was just... I am not even going to say boring because it had its moments, but it was just... not interesting, maybe?

The victim of the week was a casino owner, which led the boys - including Castle - to do a little investigating in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Beckett stayed behind in New York with Gates breathing down her neck to see how well she worked without her shadow. It had potential. It really did, but I guess the way the episode was handled didn't really work out. I admit I laughed out loud with the boys dressed as Elvis and I actually liked Alexis' storyline for once, but that was just it. Moments. And those were not enough to save the episode. Read More...


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