How I Met Your Mother Recap: Come On, Irene

How fast was that? While HIMYM generally does a good job of tackling contemporary issues, it’s never been quite so timely when it comes to incorporating current events. Though last night’s episode didn’t quite rival another infamous weather-related one — our beloved "Three Days of Snow" — we were pretty psyched to see the writers channel the titillation that accompanies New York’s disaster preparation. As a caveat, yes, there is some insensitivity here. While the city escaped largely unscathed, Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc and cost lives elsewhere. But if Facebook and Twitter updates at the time were any indication, the storm led primarily to alcohol consumption and frenzied candle purchasing, so ultimately, it seemed fair to find the gang doing exactly that.

Kevin began by asking about the sign outside MacLaren’s prohibiting boogie boarding (although the backstory to the "Do not punch the llamas" notice piqued more curiosity). This is a formulaic HIMYM setup — a present-day question prompts an expository retelling that gives Future Ted a break from narration — and we find it usually results in a satisfying half-hour (see also: "The Ducky Tie"). The origin of the signage dated back to August 26, the night of the much-ballyhooed hurricane, which former Boy Scout Ted had been tracking since its days as a tropical depression. Jibes from his friends aside, Ted insisted on taking everyone to his house in Westchester. Three reactions: (1) Finally, Ted’s house is mentioned again; (2) Thank you, writer Robia Rashid, for giving him a destination beyond the overly vague "burbs" of last week; (3) In what world are Manhattanites safer in Westchester, where basements flood, trees fall, and the power goes out? Not a good plan, but more on that in a moment. Read More...


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