Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Kanata's Day Off - Hair Braiding

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The sixth episode of Soranowoto is a bit of an odd duck for the series as something feels just a little bit off throughout. While we're have episodes that focused on the individual characters, the city itself and a team building exercise, this one plays two storylines through it that touch each other lightly. For the most part, it's about the past and our connections to parents and others that sets the theme here and it's well done but lacking in a certain extra little something to make it connect well.

With Kanata having been at the Clocktower Fortress for a bit now, she's finally gotten paid and earned herself a day off. Dressed up in some cute clothes, she takes her hard earned money and heads out into Seize to spend the day and explore its big outdoor market that's quite bustling and full of activity. Along the way there, she meets up with both Mishio and Yumina but spends more time with Yumina since Mishio's on a quest for a very particular box. There are some outstanding issues that Yumina thinks that Mishio may have with her past and that pushes Kanata to try and find her as she heads off into the market, leading to a mild adventure that intersects briefly with the other storyline. It's the ending part of this story that's important though as we see some bonding that's been needed and for Kanata to get a sense of accomplishment from her involvement in it.

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