Glee Review: All About Sex!!!

"The First Time" was a lot like sex.

If you were just looking for a fun time and a lot of laughs, this episode of Glee was not for you. But if you tune in to be taken deeper into the teenager world, to watch a show that sometimes tries to deliver a message more than a joke, to have a serious experience... then you probably have a satisfied smile on your face right about now.

I'm more in the former camp, but I can appreciate the latter.

If Glee is going to tackle the issue of losing one's virginity straight (or gay!) on, this is how it should be done. Various points of view were espoused; from Quinn offering advice based on her major mistake, to Brittany admitting the first time is often forgettable and quick, to Tina taking the opposite approach. In the end, the characters involved made their own decisions, and they made them for all the right reasons. Read More...


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