Sons of Anarchy 'Hands' Review

sons of anarchy

Sure, bullets flew this week on Sons of Anarchy but the true action happened within a series of conflicts between the show's core couples; boy was it ever ugly too. If it wasn't Tara's breakdown at the hospital with Jax at her bedside following a botched abduction attempt compliments of Clay's phone-call last week, then it was the final nail in the coffin for Clay himself ever again being seen as a redeemable figure on this show. Oh, and Juice is a full-fledged rat for the Feds now but in comparison to everything else that bears little mention except to say that Sheriff Roosevelt also wanted to stop working with Linc Potter—his efforts were dashed by the conniving Potter just as Juice's were.

The episode opens with Clay getting quite a lot of money from his private safe which rouses Gemma's suspicions, but surely because Clay swore nothing would happen to Tara last week then he'll keep his word, right? Until something happens to Tara, that is, something quite life-changing for her as a result of Clay's actions. It was all supposed to be so easy, Tara was meant to head up to Oregon and a job interview at another hospital all on her own. The hit would go down and it could easily be made to look like something that happened as a result of the tensions between the Sons and Lobo Sonora. Trouble is, Jax decides to turn this trip into a family outing, as he puts it, and all Hell breaks loose as Clay's machinations clash right against this idea of Jax Teller: civilian family man. Read More...


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