'Glee' recap: Let's Talk About Sex

Okay, if this was supposed to be a controversial episode, I didn't really see it. What I did see was a sweet little nugget of an episode (though glaringly devoid of Sue) that somehow made the big school play seem anticlimactic. (I'm just gonna put this out there: I would love to see all the actual West Side Story performances shown in their entirety. DVD extra, people?)

Yes, the sex talk was stepped up a bit but as far as what Glee's shown and done in the past,  the montage of both Finn-Rachel and Kurt-Blaine's first time was far from overly suggestive. It was romantic and loving, safe sex was stressed throughout the episode, as was the enormity of the decision. Although I get some of the concerns about portraying sex among teen characters, I think this was given enough weight to offset that, as well as to offset the previously cavalier sexual attitudes of characters like Puck, Brittany, and Santana. Read More...



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